check this out


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Whoa. Those guys are pretty young. Not my type of music, it is good for what it is. Imagine when they get older.


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i dont like it. i hate that whiny singing and the screaming has no feeling...if i listen to screaming i want it to be something like meshuggah or opeth.


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I wonder if they can keep it together live. Sounds like it's teetering on the brink on the studio recording. A little loose, but give them a few years. If they stick together they might do alright. Time usually helps tighten things up.


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that was fucking shit. it sounded like some had shot themselves in the foot n then shoved their head in the toilet n flushed it whilst screaming. music like this isnt agressive , its shit. yes yes this counts as flaming n all the mods will bolock me, but it just grinds me gears folks