Check out my new drum solos


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Hey Dude, nice solo.
I know you wanna hear the good things about it, but I'm sure that you know all of them.
I'd like to say that you'd achieve much more if you try to use more dynamics in your play, always when I play solo I think of how to make it more interesting for the listeners. As we cannot use scales to play music notes all we have as an arsenal is limited in a way. So I always try to combine different sounds and volumes in my play. U have a great kit and u should fully exploit the possible sounds u can get out of it. And as u play many different technics, try to put them in some kind of order, so they make more sense for the one who listens. It's like if you say a frase but the words are not in the right order - regardless they're the same words unless they are put in some order the frase won't be understandable. Always think before you play what you wanna say :)
Keep the good job, it was nice watching you !