Check out my kit :P

So What do you think to my kit?

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kk i know their over priced and probs not worth the money in comparsion to other kits but i got myself a OCDP , and im proud of it :D and i dont know if i can be forgive for this but its in tri band sparkel ( no im not a barker worshiper i had just seen to finish and i liked it and i didnt wana go all out on the finish cos of how much they cost cos, i couldnt forgive myself it was wrong ) but i got my own sizes and thats what really counts

bass 20x20
1st tom 10 x 8
2nd tom 14 x 12
3rd tom 16 x 14
snare 14 x 7
piccollo 14 x 4

zildjian titanium set ( i would not advise these cymbals)
zildjiam crash of doom ( good, but a lighter more versitile crash is needed to make it fit in )

here's a pic :p

so...what do yopu think? ( even though i know u probs seen it 1000 time before :p)


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Sweet kit :D i love the stripes haha, and you have dice hanging from your cymbal stand! Their exactly the same ones tht i have hanging from my cymbal stand!! haha :shock: