Check out my drumming and my bands songs!


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hey guys,

My new band "Prosevere" just debut our new song " The Question " on our local rock station 93X in Memphis TN. last night, so if you live in Memphis call 93X and request it so we can get it put in to regular rotation! and for you who do not live in Memphis check our songs out at and let me know what you think! Anything would be great. So here is a chance to hear my drumming and my band. Thanks everybody!


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What genre would you say you guys play? And what are some of your influences?

I really love this, and two songs isn't enough. Halp lawl!


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nice production there, that's always a pleasant surprise on Myspace-
very cool stuff.

Can you tell us a bit about your setup on the tracks? I always enjoy recording gear talk- would love to hear how they mic'd ya, if you triggered bass or snare, etc.

Good stuff. Very refreshing to hear a SINGER these days.
thanks for sharing