Check out my drum solo

I wouldn't call it my greatest solo, I feel I've done better solos, but this was fun.
This was at my band's cd release party in June. Me and one of my guitar players coordinated a little jam in the middle of it, on excerpts of some songs, which you'll see. (ala Mike Portnoy, I did it as an homage to him) The light guy blacked out the lights on the last excerpt and in the second excerpt and it threw my guitar player off and made him mess up.
What's funny is that this a heavy rock band that I play for, and metal drumming is my forte'

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Here's the video
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that was awsome man, Metallica and Slayer rule :p

What was the song of that first riff you and your guitarist were jamming to? It sounds very familiar


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i think double bass is over used in drum solos these days. people are dime a dozen who can play that fast etc. I am not one of them, but i dont really strive to do are quite good at double bass, dont know i could ever be that good. but very good job man, sorry for the mixed review, i'm just kinda sick of double bass solo's :(

love the homage to MP, wonder how many people caught that, minus the people in this forum :)


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that was BA dude. i heard some tom sawyer, raining blood, one.

VERY VERY NICE SPEED! i wish i could play double bass that fast consistantly.... very very nice job that was sick