Cheap sound proofing


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I want to sound proof an empty room in my house. I don't have a lot of money and I don't plan on doing much recording or anything like that so I just need it to be sound proofed not all that other stuff to make things sound better. It will be a practice room for me - my drums and a few bass and guitar cabinets... so I need some recemendations on cheap sound proofing foam that will be attached to my walls some how. Any experience with these products or things I should watch out for. Thanks in advance



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Blankets wouldn't be so bad, but stay away from the egg cartons & carpets due to flammability. Also, carpet will just help with the high end, and leave the bass ringing in the room....dead sound, but very muddy.

My suggestion would be to get some Owens Corning 703 or Rockwool slabs, build some cheap wooden frames, then cover that assembly with some loose weave material.

It will be far cheaper to cover more surface area, and it's more effective than most of the "acoustic foam" on the market.

Here's some good informative links on the subject.


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Go to a Carpet place that installs new carpet, ask them if they still have some old stuff they took from a home. I did this, and sound proofed my whole barn, 32 ft X 40 ft! It might not match, who cares, it's free! It also helped with keeping the heat in to.



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theres a place in boston that sells ground up jeans for soundproofing??? weird but it works and its dirt cheap. i bet you could shread the jeans yourself and pack them into a block with glue and laundry starch.