chain vs. belt vs. direct-drive

Which drive do you prefer?

  • Chain

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  • Strap/Belt

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  • Direct-drive

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Which do you prefer when it comes to kick drum pedals - chain drive, belt/strap drive or maybe direct-drive? Why? Let's talk.


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right now im playing a chain pedal. i took my powerglide over the flexiglide because i liked the overall feel of it more, although the flixi was a little faster. i dont like direct drives as much because i have no need to go as fast as the directs want you to and i like getting some power out of my pedals.


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i'm currently playing a double chain pearl power shifter eliminator, but i'm seriously thinking over switching to strap drive because it's starting to feel much more natural and it makes me 'feel' the pedal more, therefore having more control out of it...
curently playin direct-drive flaying dragons, and they are cool for sure, but the next thing's certanly going to be a dw, a 9000 double i hope....


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After getting my Ludwig Speedkings, chain pedals just slow me down. I do like those vintage Camco's with there tiny single chain. Those are smoooooooth. The more used a pedal is the better, the only get smoother (as long as you dont break em).