Chain adjustment on DW5000


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I'm trying to make the toe of my footboard a little higher, not the heel but the toe. Where the chain connects to the cam, there are 4 holes. From the factory, the chain comes connected to the 2nd hole from the top. I want to move it to the top hole, which would raise the angle of my footboard slightly. I DO NOT KNOW how to disconnect the chain from the cam in order to do this. Can anyone explain this to me??? thanks for all your help guys!

P.S. I Actually took my whole pedal apart and made the cam clamp on the next highest ridge of the big hex rod that goes thru the whole pedal, but that angle was way too much and the pedal was actually hitting the big hex rod... so that wont work.


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OK, I'm assuming you haven't gotten this fixed yet so I apologize if this is a non-issue now. If you look at the chain where it connects to the sprocket, there should be a chain link that appears to have a notch at one end. If you use a screwdriver to pry it off (on the notched end) you should be able to pull it off and then from there you can move the chain to whichever hole you choose. Simply put the notched link back on as it was and make sure it's on all the way so it keeps the chain in place. If this isn't clear and pictures would help let me know. I can take care of those easily enough and have a quick reply for you.