Caught a DML members show last night


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FATHER TIME's band played a show at a Denver club last night. I heard their disk so I knew they were good. Killer tight Ragae/Rock band. FATHER TIME kills it on the drums. Great sound. He plays a 9x14 brass snare(correct me if I'm wrong FT I did have a few or so cocktails). That thing cuts like a hatchet. He let me or I invited myself to, (which one I forget Blaming the cocktails again of course) Tap his drums a few times just before he broke down. Great sounding kit. I don't know why I can't remember the make. I do recall the Bass Drum was not matched to the set. Hard to tell from the floor as all the drums were dark in color. Apperentally they play quite a bit in the west. Colorado Wyoming Utah Nevada and Cali. definetly worth a look. Oh and there were several good looking women at the show. More ladies than gents if you can believe it. It could've been a single mans paradise. I'm not single so I, kept my hands to myself.

Rob Crisp

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Sounds ACE! Always god to meet other DMLers and their bands.

If anyone comes down London way, please YELL! :D


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Well I doubt i'll be catching any DML members gigs in the near future as in am in Ireland!

And seem to be the only Irish person on here!
Could be wrong though!


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drummerduba":i4qqptiy said:
just head over to inverness and i will take you out for a guiness 8)
Im up for that Duba :D

Or how about you come to Dublin and i buy you an irish whiskey and a few pints of guiness!


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Rob Crisp":2iiki9w4 said:
Anyone from Wales on, you could have Celtic Drum Road Trip, sponsored by Guniness!

Mitchell... ?
Haha that sounds excellent!
Just abunch of drunken drummers around the place!

Now thats my type of Road trip! :D


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THANKS FOR THE KIND WORDS. The drums where Tama Rockstar Custom w/ a pdp birch kick. The band was Strive Roots if anyone cares to google or myspace search it. Great hanging with you once again john, and thanks for the AWSOME breakfast at your restauraunt, Dozens. Hope you can make it whene we are back on the 17th at Hermans Hideaway. Or maybe just some disc golf that morning(2pm to us). Thanks again home slice. :lol: