Catalina Birch Kit-Grestch


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Hey im thinking of buying a Catalina birch kit. I was wondering if this was anything special? i have a pdp fs birch kit and its alright but unfortunately the idiots sold the drums to me out of round. They told me thats how all of them where til i did my now im going to sell it and was wondering if this was better or if i should look into a maple Catalina kit. im looking for warmth and clear fat tones from the drums. I hope you guys can help me out! Thanks


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birch has good lows and highs. i think the maple kit would sound a little brighter (this is what i have heard). both are supposed to be very good drums so good luck.


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if you can find one, buy it. if i could go back to when i started, knowing what i know now, i would have gotten a catalina birch and would probably still be playing it. those are the drums that turned me on to birch. the yamaha birch customs are the ones that made me know i wanted them over maple. great set for an amazing price imo.