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i'm new to the forum and after looking on ebay just now and not finding what i need i thought i'd ask you fine folks.

i have an overseas tour coming up at the end of the month and when the band i'm in first signed up on this tour (via the army) they told us the MAX weight per case was 100 lbs. i only use road cases and they would have all been well under that weight limit, but recently the airlines changed their weight limits to 70 lbs. well, that pretty much screwed me out of taking my road cases (my kick case was literally 5 lbs over and i would take a chance, but i know how hardlined airlines can be about this stuff).

SO, i need 3 hard shell (foamed lined preferrably) cases for drums this size and i need 'em quick:

16X20 kick drum
9X12 rack tom
12X14 floor tom

if anyone has any they'd like to sell me then please let me know. OR if you know of a good site with decent prices on these that would work too. like i said, ebay had nothing and i have to have these asap.