Carmine Appice - The Founder of heavy drumming


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He's a great drummer, but an asshole.

I took this pic with him, he didn't say a word to me before or after the pic, just posed and then walked off.



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drummert2k":2y754f70 said:
i wouldnt want to fall asleep with that video on tv. it would give me lots of weird creepy dreams
lol...yea totally. Alot of people I know find those wierd pschycodelic videos strange. I actually like them alot. I think the clothes are pretty cool too. I'd totally rock that on stage haha.


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My name is Preston Ritter (drummer of Electric Prunes 1966-67)
I was the one that interviewed Carmine Appice for Classic Drummer Magazine (July-Aug-Sept 2005 Issue). It was the cover story. I've been a friend of Carmine since 1967 and also his brother Vinnie Appice. Carmine is a bit hard to get to know at first, but he's a good guy after you do get to know him. He can be a bit abrupt at times, but I think it's because he's got so many things going on at the same time, his brain is overflowing and he seems distant at times too. But he's always shown respect to me and been very friendly. We hang out when ever we have time since we live close by and his daugher, Bianca and mine, Larissa, were in a band together for several years. His interview in Classic Drummer isn't yet up in the archive section on line yet, but should be soon. The interview they did with me is on the archive: ... tter14.pdf
There are some pics of Carmine and me on my MySpace page:


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I love Vinnie too, he's a Paiste artist and played for BlackSabbath during my favorite era(Tony Martin). Great drummers.


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Yeah, not too many drummers can say they influenced Bonham. Appice is a weird guy, but I must say I'm a fan. The strangest thing about the guy is that if you look at pictures of him in the 60s and pictures today, it looks like he hasn't aged a day. Museum quality.


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Hate to hear that he is an ass. Too many people forget where they come from and that at one point in their quest to be great they were scrubs. Note to self....if you ever become famous don't forget that the fans are the ones that helped get you there. As my Brother says to those types....DON'T BE A DICK!!!


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I got to "help" out setting up a Carmine clinic about 20 yrs ago. He was a cool guy then so I don't see why he'd be any different now. Everyone has good and bad days.