Carl Palmer vs Neil Peart

carl palmer or neil peart

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now the john and neil bit wasnt correcnt in any way.

here are two drummers you can compare

i'd have to give my vote to carl. the man is just amazing. and he improvised alot witch is good in my book.


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the other thread was for a paper the guy was writing, thus he asked "who influenced you more?"

arguing who's the best when it comes to music is rarely productive and can't really be quantified anyway.
I'm taking the 5th.

break the prism

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better? i can't really say. but i think that carl palmer did more for music than neil peart. he brought synthesized drums into the mainstream, laying the ground for modern progressive rock.
i felt that his playing was always more musical (listen, for example, to the albums "Trilogy" and "Brain Salad Surgery" by ELP). he brought in orchestral and classical playing into his work with ELP and he was also more diverse after his career with them. he always seemed to be a more eclectic player, utilizing concert percussion, folk instruments, and all the while combining those elemnts with a unique jazz-rock drumming style.