CARCASS - Whatever happened to them?


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I was digging through some old cassettes (am I dating myself?) the other day and ran across an old CARCASS tape. "Descanting the Insulubrious...." Those guys were pretty darn good. Any of you guys know what happened to them?

Certainly some of you metal drummers remember!
Also, for giggles if you want check out some whacked drumming listen to CONFESSOR. Those dudes are really good. The drummer is truly a differentbreed @

Have good one gents....

Johnny Cat

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Hell yeah. Carcass are one of my favorite death metal bands. I still listen to them on a regular basis. Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious and Heartwork are my two favorite albums by them.

Basically the members went their separate ways. As far as I know, Bill Steer isn't really doing anything right now. Jeff Walker has his new band, Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers (releasing an album called Welcome to Carcass Cuntry), and Mike Amott is playing with a band called Arch Enemy. There were a lot of creative differences in the band from what I gather.

There have been recent talks of a reunion. In a recent interview Jeff Walker said he would be all for it as long as Mike could convince Bill Steer back into playing that kind of music. Mike left Carcass just after Heartwork was released in the 90's.

They did mention that they would have to do it with a different drummer since Ken Owen is suffering from a terminal illness. Jeff hinted at interest in a certain drummer who has recently gone freelance. And he also mentioned his past ties to Death in the same interview. I'm guessing this drummer is Gene Hoglan. He just recently went freelance and he used to be in Death, and so the connections would be there. And Gene is just a king amongst death metal drummers.

Check out this interview with Mike Amott:

And this one with Jeff Walker: