Can you buy a cymbal base stand


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I recently put the top of my cymbal stand into my bassdrum and put the cymbal on their. I put another boom arm on the stand, but now i dont like the cymbal in the bass drum...Is there a way were u can buy just the bottom of a cymbal stand thats 7/8 tubing...I can't find one anywhere please help


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nope never seen that before. lol ask aobut other drummers in your area see if they have a spare base cymbal stand. ask ppl with racks. since im using a rack ive got about 6 stand bottoms. but keeping them incase i need them for gigging. if not buy a cheap one.


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Yes, if you buy the top of the stand with it.

Try to find a used one at a local drum shop or off a drummer in your area.

Or just get a clamp and turn it into a cymbal arm (provided you have another stand to clamp to).