Calling all Yamaha experts-I need to know the date of my kit


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Are there any Yamaha history experts on here who can date my kit? I recently bought a Yamaha 9000 in "Real Wood" (natural) finish, and would like to know its age. The sizes are 13"x9", 14"x10", 18"x16" and 24"x14". The serial numbers are: TT-913E, TT-914E, FT-918E and BD-924E. Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi :

I would date these as early 1980's - possibly 1982ish because of the wing nuts on the tom mounts. The early tom mount had a "y" like wing nut - as scene on early Steve Gadd kits. Also it was not common to see the natual wood finish in the Recording Custom series in the USA until after 1982. Only endorsers had this color prior to the early 80's in the USA but it was available in Japan and overseas. It is a really nice kit.



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Earl pretty much nailed it... You have a 9000 kit, and it's a 9000 kit in VERY rare sizes... the 18" floor tom is very very rare! From what I remember, the 9000 series was available from late 78 until mid 83. Your kit is from the later end of the run, as Earl pointed out, the wignuts on the tom-holders changer in late 81. Your kit is probably 82-83.

The numbers you called serial numbers are model numbers of the drum.
TT-913E is a 13" Birch over Camelia tom tom
TT-914E is a 14" Birch over Camelia tom tom
FT-918E is a 18" Birch over Camelia Floor Tom
BD-924E is a 25" Birch over Camelia Bass Drum

The 9000 series also came in the BA series which is Camelia Wood over Philipine Mahogany (AKA Luan), but I hve no actual clue what Camellia Wood actually is!

Bottom Line... darned nice kit!