Cable operated BASS DRUM PEDAL?


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I was talking about Bozzio in the store just now and I remerked "If anyone is going to play a cable operated bass drum pedal, it will be Bozzio"
The guitar guy stated that his drummer is talking about wanting to buy "that new remote bass drum pedal"
I asked if it was a "slave" pedal with a longer linkage (half a double pedal)
He said "nope, it has a cable like your Hi Hat"

The only thing I have been able to find is the DW "side kick"
That will not work how I want
I want it to be as flexible in placement as the hi hat
Does such a thing exist?


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I've searched for a 'cable bass pedal' but can't find anything.
It does seem like Bozzio has used something to that effect, as he's always got a few remote bass drums set up pretty far from his kit-
I'll keep looking


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What I am talking about is the way that a cable Hi-Hat operates
You have the pedal with a cable coming out of it that is a couple of feet long
Then, you place the other half of the Hi-Hat configuration in a remote spot (hopefully in a place other than where you would normally)
This makes it possible to place your Hi Hat cymblas anywhere
I'd like to be able to do this with a bass drum pedal

The sidekick operates on the principal of having the pedal and the beater in somewhat of a direct line even though that line is no the same as having the pedal directly under the beater assembly it is still stuck very close to the pedal

With the cable hi hat principle added to a bass drum beater, I clould put an extra bass drum outside my kit and out of the way of my other equipment
I could totally see this design working
It seems that the biggest flaw would be quite a delay in response
I'm not a huge sticler about having to have incredibly detailed response out of my hi hat
The bass drum pedal is a different story


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wow it sounds like a cool idea but ive never heard of it or seen it. but with it you could get some pretty outrageous setups having that. like have bass drums on a platform higher than your orginial kit.with the cable...haha the possibilities