[Buddylee78] - Tama Starclassic - Limited Edition Kit -


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Truly amazing kit! I have Performers too and they rock! Please post full specs!

PS - I'm diggin' that DW snare :)


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18X22 Bass
6.5X10 Tom(not in use)
7X12 Tom
12X14(sometimes in use)
14X16 Floor Tom

All Birch - absolutely no muffling - just how i roll - lol
they sing like crazy and take one hell of a beating -

my dw snare is 10 ply with 6 ply reinforcement rings - all maple

i use evans ec2's on all toms -
aquarian super kick II on bass drum

all zildjian cymbals - 21 inch sweet ride and 20 inch projection crash - and sometimes a K Custom Fast Crasy (18)

anything else you wanna know - i'll be more than happy to answer


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here in kansas at midwest drum - i was lucky to come across it and get it because i was actually in the shop for a new cymbal and saw it, played it, and fell in love - lol - you know how it is, yeah?
and i got a really good deal with a trade in and all -
i walked away with all new drums, hardware (no cymbals) for right around 2100 - 2300 i can't remember exactly


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That looks killer, is it a glass glitter or a sparkle? It's great regardless, and I did read about that kit being offered. I think they only made forty of them!