Bubinga 8"


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I can't find any reviews on the 14"*8" Tama Bubinga snares.

Anyone here who owns one?

I'm really interested in this drum but I can't try it out anywhere cause I live in a town with no drumshops with interest in letting you know what you buy. And since this drum is veeeery expensive I would really like to hear something about this drum from folks who know this stuff.

Reviews of any 8" deep snares are welcome.

Take care!


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Sorry, can't help ya there. But looking online the only 8" x 14" Bubinga snares I could find were under their starclassic series which is the best stuff they make. So I imagine it's got to be an amazing snare. That probably doesn't help ya much though. sorry. But I do love deep snares! I just bought a 7" x 13" but I have to wait for parts to show up. :( But my opinion is this: the deeper the snare, the better you can make it sound.


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I have 14 x 8 maple (shine custom) which is amazing so i recon the 14 x 8 bubinga would be an absoloute killer.....