broken finger


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now how do i play its my middle right......i broke ny ring finger lastyer and could play with the cast but idk what can i do cause I WANNA PLAY!!!

it took me like 20 min to type this


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you should still be able to play. not with great technique or anything but hold the stick with your pointer finger and pinch with your pinky. and use wrist, rebound will be the problem here, but atleast you'll be able to get behind the kit. i has to do this same thing when i almost cut my middle finger off with a sword (long story). i had to play shows like this so trust me, it can be done

justin headley

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when i broke my arm i used my left foot pedal on my snare and right hand on a closed hi hat and ride, there won't be much but it will get you through.

(to use a foot pedal on the snare just get a pedal with a playe on the bottom like a dw or tama and then lower your snare stand ant tilt the basket straight up and down, and set infront of the beaters)