Broken cymbals AAAAHHHHH!!!


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a buddy of mine plays in this very fast paced rock band and he hits his cymbals like hes bludgening his ex wife. my guess is that he breaks a cymbal in under a months time. right now he pretty much uses whatever he can get.

any suggestions on a cymbal that will last him a little longer? i also think it has a lot to do with his technique and he needs to learn to settle down but he and the guitar player get soooooooo into their own music. its fun to watch, but not fun when a broke musician is using a cymbal with a crack that goes from edge to bell haha.

you can check them out here:


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I would suggest:

1. Club him upside the head with a pipe wrench and get him to work on his technique ASAP. Point out that it will save him money.

2. Have him invest in Aquarian Cymbal Springs. They help to dissapate the force of the hit by allowing the cymbal to move. Small investment, big savings. A must-have for Chinese cymbals.

3. Club him again upside the head with a pipe wrench and remind him of technique.


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i thijnk screamkevin has probly suggested all the best methods. tell him to buy used sabian b8's off of ebay. i mean thyey sound like shit, but i couldnt iomagine anyone selling those things for anything more than dirt cheap


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Don't get him to change his technique too much so that he's no longer pounding on those drums and cymbals. Like you said, it's fun to watch... it all helps their live performance.

Suggest that he use those cymbal springs, angles the cymbals so that his blows are not as direct and glance off more, and also use some big cymbals like Paiste Rudes or Saluda Earthworks. Try to go for the medium cymbals, rather than the heavy, as they'll have some give to them... but heavy would work better with those cymbal springs in place.