Breaking Vic Firth sticks


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Since i started playing drums i was always a big fan of vic firth stick. They were pretty much all i used. But i used to break them constantly. After a friend told me that he didnt like them because he breaks them too easily i decided to try to vater and i'v only broken 1 stick since.

Does anyone else that plays vic firth sticks feel like theyre rweally easy to break?


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Actually, I broke a pair today. Not one stick, a pair. I use only vic firth but I'm thinking of switching up fro that exact reaon. it seems like even when i get new sticks and play with them for like one minutes (and i DON'T PLAY HARD) they just start breaking. Maybe I'll try Promarks...


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Vater has proven to be very resilliant for me
I have been playing them for approximately 15 years
I used to play Zildjian but the nylon tips always came off
You can never find a wooden stick with nylon tips that don't fly off every once in a while but Vaters are the most reliable in my experience
The 3a is my weapon of choice because it is shorter than most, has a good hefty feel to it and has a very thick taper with a round tip
I play the snare with the stick backwards

All of my snares have zinc die cast rims on the top, and I hit rimshots 95% of the time
This tends to chew upsticks very quickly
I just see it as a necessary evil
After all, the sculptor never regrets destroying his materials
My sticks don't so much break as they splinter right in the middle (due to the high profile of the rim) instead of the typical breaking at the tip

I can't really stop breakage but i can prolong the inevitable by wrapping the middle of the stick with dollar store electrical tape
When the stick starts to wobble, then I know it is losing structural integrity and I better change it soon
It also works to extend the life of your tips too of you give it a couple of wraps just below the tip

Instead of using a stick bag or holder, I keep two sticks in the waistband of my pants in the small of my back
I have found that it is much easier to reach
You don't have to make visual contact with the stick and reach for it
You'd be surprised how much more quickly you can recover after dropping or beaking a stick
I got the idea from Dale Crover of the Melvins and it made sense when a gun nut friend of mine told me he could reach his gun faster when it was concealed in the small of his back


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I have always used Vic Firth and I have only broken one stick and that was because i had worn it down so thin. I love Vic Firth and find it hard to break them, maybe it's because i am a wimp!


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I have yet to break a VF stick. Once they get pretty chewed up, I generally grab a new pair.


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I've broken some VF sticks, but usually because the wood grain splits somewhere. When I play wood sticks I play the VF Rock sticks (which are pretty damn big) but usually I play my Ahead Lars Ulrichs.


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i play VF and love them. ive broken a pair here and there, but theyre sticks, they break after a while. ive played zildjian,promark, and vater and they all break at somepoint. i just love the feel and balance of VF. maybe try a lower gauge stick. i play 5a's and theyre the perfect balance of weight and durability.


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I agree with the drummer who says try thicker sticks. I have used many different brands of sticks over thirty years of playing and I settled for Vic Firth. I have found that they hold up the best if the right stick is chosen for your technique and style of music.

granny p

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i play the 55A model of vic firth.. i play in a metal band and im yet to break a stick from the last batch i bought (about 4 months ago) before that i used zildjian, which might as well have been made of glass...

so no, i don't have any problem with them...

maybe use thicker sticks??


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I use zildjian 2b's so i defintely haven't broken one yet, i've been on these for 6 months now and te still have great integrity.


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i use zidjian sticks with the nylon tip. The tip normally flys off soon but the sticks arent all that bad. I found that VF are pretty durable sticks and so are Vater. Stagg are the worste sticks i have ever used.


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I swtiched to VF after a garbage batch of Zildjians. (5A wood tip)
Found the Zildjians to be brittle and poor value for £/$!

Switching to a thicker/heavier stick is absolutely the last resort - Sudden changes to heavier sticks could well lead to wrist problems, and will definitely affect your playing. Any change should be gradual - ie. slowly introduce heavier sticks over time.
I used to play Vics, the John Dolmayan signature model, and I really liked them. I didn't notice them breaking more than other sticks I've played in the past, they'd mainly just wear down and I'd disgard them before then snapped on me during a show or something.

However, I switched to Vater, and I really love them. They seem to hold up very very well. I play the Fusion model, and I don't see myself switching for a very long time, if ever.
Try a thicker stick, if your breaking them to quickly your style of playing , you need a bigger stick.

My choice since my start has been vater, i have the whip, and several others that i tend to use. The wood stick of choice is a 5B, and ive worn down a serveral pair pretty thin near the tip, as from high hat chew.

Ive yet to have a tip or breakage yet and i do tend to play pretty extreme at times, when im realeasing frustrations from the day.


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In all honesty I've never been a big fan of Vic Firth at all...and since I'm a pretty hard hitter I pretty much break every stick consistantly...but In my true mark has always been a great stick


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Im not biased but I have used alot of different brands including Aheads. I like the nylon tips for the crisp ring and a non muted sound on cymbals. I have never had a tip come off. Also I play 7a's & 8Dn's which are similar in diameter but different in length. I like the feel of VF alot, nice balance, I love the texture when the hands get a little sweaty, these stix... stick! The only reason Promarks would last SLIGHTLY longer is the coating the have (which I cant stand) they tend to slide a little when you get sweaty.

A couple of VERY important things.
1. Practice sticks can be different so you dont chew up the good ones for gigs. Use the best feeling ones for gigs regardless of how many you break.

2. I dont break them unless i get into it and ride a china hard for an hour. If you are having a real problem breaking them then you might need to work on your Technique a little. Going up in thickness is just a better way of breaking your cymbals faster (especially if it IS your technique). I would ask a teacher or a pro player about some good technique and rules of thumb.

3. Just like anything else all sticks have good and bad batches, maybe the store got a bad batch shipment.

IMHO I am sticking with VF because they last for me and I dig the way they feel.

-Sean Gordon


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It depends how you play..I used to use vic firth but they do break if u play hard...which i now do.

I find that zildjian sticks last a long time playing hard but the plastic tips usually come off. so its personal preferance on how u play.