Breaking sticks

I've always used 5B's and for a long time used vater sticks but the recent load I bought have been a bit crap. I've gone through em in no time at all.

I've never had a problem before but tonight, for example, I broke three in one gig. I do hit em hard but not that hard!!!

Has anyone else had any problems like this?? what are the most hard wearing sticks people know of?? Should I continue to use vater or try a different brand??

break the prism

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i've always played with light sticks (vic firth or promark 7A nylon-tips), but i've never been that hard of a hitter. after a while though i do a rim shot with a certain spot on the stick one two many times and it snaps on me. when they just crack i try to salvage them with light wood glue or light tape, but normally i have backup pairs.


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I think you just got a bad batch, I use 8D and I think I'd break my drum heads before I went through three pairs of 5B's in a gig.


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check out ahead sticks...i use the joey jordisons...they are made of aluminum and nylon and are literally unbreakable.


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Those aheads still break.. I use to play with them.. but I cant stand them anymore.. I played with the Rock Sticks.. and They slowed me down.. Wood is so much faster and better to play with IMO..


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I play Vic Firth American HIckory Classic 5B sticks, broke my first pair in my a month, on my second pair that has lasted me about three months. I hit pretty hard and play on my set about an hour a day.


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in all of the time i've been playin' i've come to the conclusion that sticks just break. there's no rhyme or reason to it either.

years ago i used to use vater 5B's and vic firth 5B's and those didn't break quicker OR last longer than the sound percussion 5A's i use now. i get the SP 5A's from guitar center for $2-$3 a pair and they suit me just fine.

when you break it down (pun intended) sticks are made of wood and wood breaks. you just gotta realize it's the cost of playing drums. think about guitar strings: they're made of METAL and they break too. it's just the way it is.

heck, for that matter cymbals break too sometimes.



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Lol, the last pair of sticks I bought were called 'Solutions', I think $1.50 for the two of em. All I can say is now I know why they came so bloody cheap...

As far as good sticks go though, I trust to Vic Firth. Now to get me a pair...

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vatar are crap stick's. ahead i think are crap and really weird 2 play with. i prefer Pro Mark sticks. they all break but they feel nice in your hand. although it dpends on your hi hat height as to if u cut your sticks up. oviously if your hitting the side of your hats they bust faster.


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VR4Drummer":1zfy50np said:
check out ahead sticks...i use the joey jordisons...they are made of aluminum and nylon and are literally unbreakable.
Not true, hit enough rimshots and the aluminum won't be able to take it. I've broken both of mine.

And no, I don't hit THAT hard-I just hit a lot of rimshots.


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i always found that the sticks that brake fairly quickly r good, id much rather a pair of 10 dollar sticks thatll brake quickly than getting tough sticks that dont brake and end up braking a 300 dollar cymbol

so if i were u id stick to sticks that brake... maybe some abit touger than the ones u have, but seriously they r meant to brake, hence being made out of wood...

i use DXP sticks, theyare nothing to b proud of at all, but they r cheap and brake after about 4 hours straight of jamming with the band, but thats all i have to day man, good luck


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Start playing with your fingers, not your arms & wrists, & you'll stop breaking sticks. I use Dave Weckl Evolution sticks & NEVER break 'em. They slowly chip away after many months of use. :roll:


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This is only from my experience... but check it

hardest to softest wood

Wood tips vs Nylon tips, i like wood because the nylons broken off many times... even if the stick is perfect, its lost money if you break the nylon.

these are the 3 most popular used... if u dont wanna break sticks use oak... but if u trash them long enough they will lose durability... ever played for 1 hour with a stick uve been trashing then switch to a new one? BIG DIFFERENCE! its what ive learned from playing for 17 years... im ony 21 too! but dont take my word for it.

AND to playing with fingers! yes a bery good idea... not to save sticks to save your wrists! u dont want carpel tunnel! and to GLUING your sticks back together? WTF seriously DONT EVER DO THAT wasted time and effort... get a broken stick that you have glued back together and a new one... hit it on something hard... concrete wood, whatever... sticks have sound quality too...


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i use ahead drumsticks, they might cost alot but its worth the money in the long run. i have used mine for about a year or so. if u want something light get the lars ulrich signature ahead sitcks.


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Ahead sticks all the way, they have lasted for ages with me and the reduce the vibrations going into your hand from the impact theyre the greatest EVER, yea so they cost quite a bit but they are the dogs


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VR4Drummer":3kz5tzia said:
check out ahead sticks...i use the joey jordisons...they are made of aluminum and nylon and are literally unbreakable.
a friend of mine broke one of them
and he's not a hard hitter, he has never broken a wooden one inhis life:p


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yeah, i tell my students ALL the time..."sticks are made to break.. sometime, somehow..." it's just a fact of life of drumming.. and you should be prepared for it. guitar players don't keep the same strings on for a year (they, shouldn't...c'mon!), so why should we expect to keep the same sticks for a long time?? don't get "attached" to any pair of sticks. ok, then, synthetic sticks?? hmmm i can't condone such activity. they don't sound natural (as wood) and they're... well .. (excuse me for those that play them) silly, or sum'thn..



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As I started getting better, I started going through sticks pretty quickly. I was using the Guitar Center sticks, and it got to the point where i'd break a pair every 2-3 practices.

I tried a couple of stick companies, and I wanted a really dense wood, so i tried the pro-mark japanese oak, but to be honest, I didn't like those that much. I still managed to break them fairly quickly, not nearly as quickly as before, but still. I tried the Hickory sticks, and though it's techincally not a stronger wood, i found that those sticks lasted me tons longer.

sure, i've had a pair last me a rediculously short amount of time (3 hrs of playing), but those cases have been rare, and the sticks usually last me about 3 shows or so with 3 practices in between.

A couple of things you could do would be to change the angle on your snare slightly, tilting it towards you. that way your rim shots aren't nearly as brutal. Pro-mark also recomends tilting cymbals slightly more towards you as well so you're not cutting away at the sticks like crazy everytime you hit a crash.