Breaking Cymbals REALLY Fast


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Hey Everybody,

I've been drumming for about 3 years now and I have only broken 1 cymbal, which was given to me in bad shape, and was a CB cymbal, and had dents all over it, but this isn't about me.

I played a show last week with a bunch of bands and this one kid had a elaborate kit: Cast cymbals, a rack, good heads. You know, the works. I went onstage after their set and looked at all of his cymbals. BROKEN! And really bad too! Like Pieces 4 inches chipped off and he's still playing on them. I looked practiuarly at his 18 AAX China, I asked him "How long have you had this?" He said about a month.


How do you break Z Customs, AAX's and other heavy cast cymbals in such a short ammount of time? Are you playing with like metal mallets from a locksmith?

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Great forum btw. I've never felt so welcome in a forum!


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i cracked on zildjian 16" crash, i still play it and it still sounds fine. hmm idk how i could even break all of those cymbals if i tried!


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I ask the same question. I broke a Zildjian ZBT 16" crash at 9 months so I got smart and I got the money and I bought an 18" Z Custom Rock Crash and Ive had it for a year and a half. I also hit my cymbals harder then the people whos cymbals break so easily its probably how the cymbals are taken care of. Always take really good care of your cymbals. My drum teacher has cymbals from the 50's that still sound amazing, so take care of them.


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i dont see how he can break cast cymbals in 1 month :? he must be a REALLY hard hitter with poor technique, tht must be it.
i've got a 16" ZBT crash now, i've had it for about 5 months now, and its just as good as when i bought it, no cracks, dents or nothing, just a little dirty :D thts how i like them haha.
and thts sheet bronze :shock: this just goes to show, that having a good technique is really worth it, especially if your on a low budget


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Breaking a cymbal in a month!?


Whoever that was must've had poor technique and/or didn't angle/set-up his equipment the right way.

The ONLY cymbal I've cracked natually was my Paiste 502 16'Crash, but even that took me 5years along with using David Silvera signature sticks and Vic Firth Classic Metal on the daily basis!


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I have only ever broken a cymbal once, and that was because I let one of my band's guitarists slide down a set of stairs on it (before you all scream sacriledge it was a Pearl CX300 cymbal that comes with their Forum Set that had flayed to within an inch of its life)

Funny ending though, he nearly decapitated our singer.


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maybe he plays everyday for hours so maybe its constant use. with a bad technique. the only cymbals i ever broke were the stagg ones and i didnt care cause they cost about 30 quid for an 18" crash.

there stagg splashes are cool great sound for such cheap cymbals.


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Yeah, I'm gonna have to guess that. I've had the same B8 hi hats for 3-4 years and they still hold up well for constant playing, gigging, and with no cymbal bag.


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lol ive been a drummer for almost 8 yrs (4 effective years since i didnt had my drumset for 4 yrs after 2 yrs of classes) and i havent had money to upgrade, so ive been playin with intermediate cymbals and planet zs (beginner kinda) and in 2 yrs i havent broken any and they are in good shape, i dont hit that hard, but still i beat em alot.


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its not hard fellas i play with tree trunk sticks and it doesnt take alot (especially playing metal) to crack a couple z's. all it takes is a few heavy parts and you got a ring around the bell

Rick Buchanan

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Usually the drummer is locking down the cymbals too tight on the stands, or he is doing a strike against the the edge versus coming down at an angle and getting more stick on the brass. I have been playing for 38 years and have only craked 2 cymbals in all that time. And the reason they became broken was I threw them at a couple guys in a parking lot bar fight. Zildijians' make great weapons.....


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As much as I dont see how you can break a cymbal in a month, I also dont get how some of you CANT break one in FIVE YEARS? Thats too long jesus. Well idk I guess its differnt for everyone.

But yeah like scrubs said, bottom line, its a technique issue.


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I resent all this talk about drummers who crack cymbals having bad technique. Personally, i've been playing drums for over 7 years, and i practise nothing but technique. I've never busted a drum skin in my entire drumming career. However, for my crashes i use an 18" AAX studio and an 18" AAX Stage. I've cracked each one twice. Now i must also include that I play really hard, and used to play in a hardcore band. I also use 2B Oak Pro-Mark sticks, that are pretty heavy.

Just a thought from one of us really pounding our drums.


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scrubs":2qibcwqu said:
Definitely a technique issue.
Most people blame technique issue... I use to break alot of cymbals, sometimes the first day a got them. And I don't have a bad technique. I have a great playing style and get compliments all them time. I believe some of the reason is the alloy the cymbals are made of. I was using higher end cymbals and I believe the heat from the stage lighting and hitting them hard was a factor. I now use lower line cymbals because they sound just as nice now a days and don't have any breaking issue... I say it's more alloys than technique.


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I agree it's got to be poor technique, abuse or both. I've been playing pro for 46 yrs now and I've NEVER cracked or broken a cymbal! I've played Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian. The Zildjians I'm using now, I''ve been playing constantly since 1972. Louie Bellson gave them to me and I don't know how long he played them before I got them. They still play beautifully and there are no cracks at all. One got dropped and has a very small ding in the edge, but other than that, no problems.
I play all styles, except metal with them.

Back in '73 a guy sat in on my drums and in two songs he cracked one of my medium thin 18" Zildjian crash cymbals and broke my Rogers swiv-o-matic bass drum pedal! He got off stage laughing, like it was funny that he trashed my stuff. No apologies, or offer to pay for damages. Since then, I NEVER let anyone sit in unless I already know them and how they play.


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Yeah, I'd say it's different for everyone. If you mount them too tight and then beat the crap out of them, they break. I break a bunch but I play with pool cues...hard. BUT, the cymbal manufacturers warranty them (or at least Sabian does) for a while and you can buy an extended warranty which has been a life saver for me. Generally if I don't break it within 6 months, it'll last 14-16 months. (Unless I hate it.....then it just WON'T break!)

But yeah, don't crank them down super tight and DO NOT use those damn springy things if you play heavy and/or fast. They seem to intensify your hitting and you'll break cymbals faster.


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I AR MONKEY":2jzbql6a said:
As much as I dont see how you can break a cymbal in a month, I also dont get how some of you CANT break one in FIVE YEARS? Thats too long jesus. Well idk I guess its differnt for everyone.

But yeah like scrubs said, bottom line, its a technique issue.
Bad technique,heavy hitting &/or bad mounting....PERIOD Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation