Brandenburg Concerto


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So I just got done auditioning for a concerto competetion. Winn gets a scholarship and gets to perform with the LA Philharmoic Orchestra.
It was alright I performed the Brandenburg Concerto number 3.
On Marimba. I think it may have been alittle bias cause I was the only percussionist going up against these great clarinet players and violinist. And its hard to be able to do all the things that they can do with their instrument than on mine. I figured it was unique. I mean its rare to see a marimba performer perform 4 mallets in a classical Orchestra. Wish me luck.

I jst got done singing the brandenberg bedtime concerto to me neice. It goes alittle something like this:
bed, bed bed. its time to go to bed. Bed, bed bed get yourself in bed.
Sleepy time its time for zzz times its a good time for bed time, please go to bed.
bed bed bed...bed bed bed bed bed bed
sleep must sleep. okay really go to bed.
heh i kept going... but she giggled. and it was worth being a complete nut for five minutes.