Brand new idea for double bass pedals


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Meep... I dont know a lot of drummers who'd have use for that. People are usually just lazy and leave the pedals attached...


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Looks like a good idea, but I would use carbon steel or aircraft aluminum for the material. Since it is a fitted joint, the sides of the hex shaped fitting would round over and eventually start to slip. And keep the rotating mass to a minimum, or else you get less power transfer through the drive shaft. Look up how they do drive shafts in RWD and AWD cars and trucks, it will give you some formulas for loss of power, torque, and revolutions. I would personally machine all the hex material out of that shaft between the red anodized fitting and the U-joint to save some mass, and make everything except the shaft aluminum, the shaft would be some kind of hardened steel or titanium. Is the release point at the red anodized part? If so, I'd find a way to support the u-joint when in a case, if the press fittings get forced past a certain point the U starts to bend out and that can lead to u-joint failure, a little plastic or teflon sleeve packaged with it to keep the u-joints straight during transport would be good. I think it's a neat idea, if you could develop this for Axis users it would be kick ass. Are you using a compression spring in the fitting thats quick release? I definetly wouldn't skimp there either, carbon steel so it could take multiple stretches without failure. Sorry dude, I grew up around my uncle is is an insanely good machinist for hot rods and Harleys. I sent him pictures of my Axis pedal and he found 10 things he would redesign on the pedal to make it more efficient, hahaha. When this one has served it's duty and I get a new one, I am gonna send my old one up to Massachusetts to have him streamline it. If it works out good, I may get a little side business going with him to do them for a fee. Keep it up dude, you are thinking outside the box!!


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The picture you see is a "quick & dirty" design. The patent shows the true configuration. I have the designs for the 2 piece & 3 peice set up. The prototype is smooth, no rotation slack & extremely strong. I already have a potential buyer for my patent. You could be seeing this design on many double bass pedals in stores soon.

Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming.

Rusty Reens


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Sounds like a good idea... but are people going to be willing to pay extra for that? I know I wouldn't.. besides I have a nice case for my kicks I'm not lazy I actually take them apart and don't just carry them around by the joint bar.


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ReensIndustries":3efu9nu0 said:
A pedal with this configuration will need to be made, after market part later.

Have you recieved a patent for that, or have you applied for the patent and it's pending?

Just curious...


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only problem I see is that you have to assume people won't switch to a double bass set, thus eliminating the need for a double pedal... personally I'd stick with two singles rather than my current dbl. pedal set-up


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It seems like it would be a good idea, as long as you could make sure that it's strong, and lasts. If it just adds another stress point, then there's really no point for it. But I think it's a really good idea. I think a lot of people would like it. I usually don't take my double pedals apart, because I usually don't have a drum key on my person when I'm moving them around, but if I had a quick release, it would make things a lot faster and easier.

Good idea, when you get more specs/ideas on it, post 'em up. I'd like to see the process you're going through with it.