Brad Wilk


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Brad Wilk....he has his moments

when dude was with RATM, in the early days he had some ill beats. Once Renegades came out, the drumming sounded like shit was missing.

now with Audioslave, I feel that after all the shit dude went through with Rage, there's nothing that sticks out to me on any of their albums.

quick summary...He knows how to make shit flow.


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Brad has one of the sickest and fattest pockets out there. Too bad it's being wasted on Audioslave.

It's kind of funny to me that Rage was all about "F*ck the Man" and anti-government, being all rebellious against everything popular, then Zack leaves and they hire Chris Cornell and become the essence of what they previously disdained.


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But it's still good to see that he changed the way he plays because the music changes. He's not imposing anything on the music, he tries to play the drums to fit into the music. That's what I like in a drummer.


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i dunno, im happy as long as the guy is playing...ive seen audioslave before and i personally think they killed it. brad wilk is an awesome drummer and he inspires just as many people now as he used to.