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It seems that there is a lot of talk of BPM on this forum. I understand that this is a very young board. Close to half of you are under 20. Lucky kids. I'd like get this thing straight. OK BPM Beats Per Minute so if you can play 120 BPM on you DBD (duble Bas Drum)(pedals or actual drums, i'm not willing to look at the differnce right now), you can hit a BD twice for evry second. At 240 BPM you can do the same,4 times per second(one/one/onethousand.....one aligator) and on Right? What's fast? 480? 720?

This young dude started playin at GC while I was there. Must be blast beats. Lotws of double BD budabuda buda stuff but with all kindsa bida bida kling kling at the same time. sounded pretty sweet. he ws goin around the joint swingin on different drum kits. Always the Budabudabuda stuff with the bida bida on the snare cymbals and what ever was in the way. I was thinkin I'm not sure I can Bdabudabuda and biida bida kling ling s good as this 19 year old kid. THEN...... the kid found hinself on a kit with only one pedal ( much lik the kits I played most of my life) He was not afraid. I think a good talent. Started layin down some SK (single Kick) grooves.

Could not finish a single bar let alone "phrase". This kid kiilin it moments ago on the Budabuda and the bidabida kling kling could not pull off a simple ba/da kack ba da ba daKack tisss.

So i as an old guy (38) practice a lot at the buda buda stuff not to mention bida bida kling kling. I don't count the Bpm's but I can buda buda buda all the live long day. Can you bah ba bah bah ba bah kack tis... bah ba bah Bah ba bah kack tisssss???

this goes to the root of the groove/speed question.

That was fun.


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too many people rely on double bass playing they do not know how to kick a nice basic pattern with a single pedal, i use only single pedals so i have to work for my beat and timing, much more frustrating but it gets me out of the double playing cheat i was doing.


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I love single bass that's all I play. Just because I'm a big fan of what the different sounds of the hi-hat can bring to your playing.


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haha, yeah I see that all the time.

But usually it's not so much at GC as it is at my own house. Whenever I get a metal/hardcore player in my jam room sitting behind my set, it's amazing to see how fast they get bored. They just can't play my two tom, one bass set up at all.

They can't even play Ramones style drumming w.out cheating, which (not to sound like an asshole to some double bass players) just seems kind of sad to me

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I've almost never used a single pedal and am very bad at it.
Don't like how people think you need a double ped to be cool nowadays, though.
If I ever get around to double peds, I wouldn't do too much blasts or straight 16ths or 32nds.
I probably apply rudimentary beats to em.
Like RRLRLLRL or something as the base. Dunno.


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SGarrett":29d19n4g said:
BillRayDrums":29d19n4g said:
Single footers unite!!
Hear, hear!
Do hybrids count who play 80% single foot and only 16th with double if needed? :D

nice are rolls like RLdoublestrokeonkick .. always fun

favorite single foot beat:

dun ka dundun ka dundunka dunndu ka (listened to KYUSS (green machine) lately? :) )


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I guess my point is a good drummer must study all aspects of drumming. I bought a double pedal in my twenties. Say 15 years ago. I was never gonna be a metal player. No offense some Metal players are bad Ars. I assume they can throw down some sweet funk or shuffle or what ever they try to do. I just can't stand the music. It has no dynamic or rythmic not to mention melodic value. When folks advertise there band as melodic Metal I think they must not know what a melodie is.

Anyhow I degress. The guys (oh and gals) that were traditionally trained. (you know school band,private lessons, Marching band(YUK) and of course JAZZ) Who were influenced by the great Rock, Jazz and Fussion players. John B Niel P Billy Cob. Dave W and lets not forget the late great Buddy R.To name a few. We need to beable to hold are own on the double kick. That's why I spend a couple hours a week on it. I think I've used it in less than 6 songs in my life. When I do go get something from the bottom of the bag of my tools that tool is polished and ready to go. What do you need Double pedal for when you can bang one foot at 350BPM any how??.


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I notice that a lot of Death metal drummers who started out the RIGHT way by using a single first, mastering that, and moving on double kick, tend to be the fastest drummers out there. I also noticed, that these dudes also play blasts mostly with one foot. When I first started doing blasts I always thought I was doing them wrong with one foot, apparently not. I started out as a single bass guy, I mastered that (well, got pretty good at it at least), and moved onto a double pedal.


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xdoseonex":39c2oek7 said:
I'm a single footer untill i swich my left foot back to my slave pedal.
:) that's how I view it too

I get to wondering when I see folks say they don't play double-bass because they like the hi-hat so much-
you can always move your feet between the pedals, eh? Can't they co-exist in the same setup? I don't think every double-basser necessarily neglects the hat, do they?

some even work both simultaneously (left foot on both pedals)


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do both, it makes your playing more diverse and it means you can mix it up. you can play funky grooves on a dbl pedal and on a single. take thomas lang, he uses alot of dbl pedal but he can hold a dope groove down, and hes one of the best drummers in the world. i dont really agree with blast beats, but its not my genre so if you like, go for it, dont let anyone stop u


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I agree that BPM's a re overrated, and that any young drummer MUST learn to play on a single kick kit before touching a double kick - Hell, I did.

Every style of music has different needs - some need double bass. The problem lies when double bass is used as a crutch, and creativity (not to mention dynamic) is lost.

While I'm posting, why is it that it seems no one can say anything without acting like a complete dick around here? There are exceptions (Bong, BillyRay, and SGarrett spring to mind instantly), but it seems like the majority of posters here have no patience, no self control, and certainly no respect for one another. I'm sick of it. This is music. We are musicians. Whatever happened to professionalism?