Bosphorus Cymbals


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Awesome cymbals! 'I guess other brands are just better' ...Ey? You get so much more for your money!


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Stanton Moore seems to like them. He get's an amazing sound from his set. Probably not so cool with the Double pedal Black Lipstick wearing Tama Warlord types.


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I have a pair of Bosphorus hi-hats at my disposal.

they're old-school turkish-style cymbals, sort of in the same vein as istanbuls if anybody's wondering.


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ive never gotten the chance to hear these cymbals before but im certainly interested to... same with saluda... someday ill hear them all!!!!!!
I just heard their gold series today! The shop were I get lessons the owner got a couple of Bospherous cymbals cause he likes them. both cymbals are 20" rides one is the trad series which has a really washy sound, and the Gold series one is my favorite. I tapped it with a drumstick and the teacher said he could hear it all the way down stairs. it has such a beutiful sound and the bell aint bad either.


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I'm NOT just saying this b/c I'm an endorser of Bosphorus. But the reason I did sign with them originally is that they have the BEST quality out there.

Every cymbal is hand made. Not one machine! Which means they aren't cheap like the cookie-cutter cymbals (which I'll remain nameless).

They have something for everyone. Being a rock drummer, I lean more towards the Gold and Traditional series. Here's an over-head shot of my kit.

If you haven't played one, do yourself a it! They are absolutely amazing. I often get compliments live on my cymbal sounds. Wish I could take the credit! But its there masterwork!!!!



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Codymunzert":4gdhu4lg said:
Cheerful-Bear":4gdhu4lg said:
I guess other brands are just better.
i agree
id have to disagree, i own a set of bosphorus antique cymbals, 12" hats, 16" crash 20" ride and 16" china, not only do each of these pieces sound great individually but they also sound great together. one of the best things about them, is that bosphorus still makes each and every cymbal by hand, so through the guy i get my cymbals from, i can get any size of any type cymbal, in fact i have the only 16" antique china he knows t exist


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i love my 20 inch New Orleans with rivets, its light and wobbly and has a real nice bell. i love it


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Not Bosphorus, but I have an Istanbul AGOP Turk splash in 10" size. I love it to bits.

I have Bosphorus hats, ride, and crashes..


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Where do the blanks come from, or do they make their own?
DRT taken its toll on you???

The book I picked up suggests that they handcraft their cymbals from scratch and that only 3 people do this