blast beats, any tips?


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hey can anyone help me with blast beats? i've been trying to learn for a couple months now but i just can't seem to get the hang of it. i've watched all the YouTube videos and read countless "how to" articles but nothing's helping. i know how to find the fulcrum and what i'm supposto do with my fingers in the "flying fingers" technique. it's just that as soon as i get to my snare or practice pad everything goes to hell, the stick bounces wildly out of control and i can't get anywhere close to the speed i want. i'm open to any and all tips or suggestions.

p.s. I already know how to do gravity blasts
I don't really have good advice for you, I just sort of learned how. I practiced my snare rolls a lot and then I tried to copy Shannon Lucas from The Black Dahlia Murder. I watched him play Christ Deformed and just copied how he held his stick and the technique he used.