Black Panther


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im thinking about buying a mapex black panther 12x7" maple snare to use as my primary snare. Is this a good idea or is this snare only a side snare?


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Any snare can be used as a main snare, as long as you are happy with the sounds that you can get from it. A snare drum is one of the most important parts of the kit, and along with the ride cymbal really makes up a drummer's "voice".

Just remember two things:

1. There are no drumming "rules". Do what you want.

2. See rule #1.

The Alien Drummer

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If you're talking about the maple/cherry 12x7 then I say go for it. I used to have that snare and it sounds as beautiful as it looks!


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yeah i agree with alien drummer. its an awsome snare im using it as my main snare for recording my bands EP. so i can defo say it can be used as a main snare. im sure you wont be disappointed. have fun.


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yea man i'v got one of them black panther snare's and there awsome very loud and u tune em just right nd it's awsome