Black Panther Phosphor Bronze...


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Hi fellow drummers, I'm thinking on buying a new snare drum. i'd like it to be very sensitive just 'cos I enjoy ghost notes work and good rolls on my snare. Love the projection of metal snares but also to be gentle as wood... so I've chosen Phosphor Bronze to do this job. Am I completely right?

Now, I've chosen a Mapex Black Panther Phorphor Bonze Hand Hammered snare drum in 14"x5.5".

I play mostly: Latin, Rock&Pop, some Jazz and Bossa (mixed in an electronic Trip Hop enviroment). I think this snare will be versatile enough to use along with my Rogers COB 70' era dyna-sonic.

But unfortunately I can't try it myself on stores in my country (Venezuela)... and I'm not pretty sure wich difference could there really be in comparison with no Hand Hammered model.

Will u guys help me with this? have you expereicned or own this little piece of drum art? :wink:

I'm opened to your advices. Thanks for your kind help. :D


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black panther snares are awesome i own a HH steel snare 14x5.5 and a maple/cherry 12x07 snare both are class the sound and response is perfect for all music. i think you'll defo be happy with the bronze snare.


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Good choice. From my experience, phosphor bronze gives the best of both worls- a fat, dry sound when hit dead center, and a decent amount of ring associated with a typical metal snare when played off center.

Good call.


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Great choice! Sensitive at low volumes and bloody loud when need be.
Ive had mine for nearly 3 years and it is the one snare in my arsenal that will never be sold.

Try this when you get it. s dot on snare and 40 strand wire snares.

Beautiful Snare

and has a great timbale sound when cranked tight


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I'm a little late finding this thread but just to add....the BP Bronze Snare freakin' rock!! I had one in the shop not too long ago and LOVED it. My favorite BP snare for sure. I want one.