Biggest Ride EVER.


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Saluda cymbals makes a 28" ride and is capable of making up to 32" if anyone wanted one..... check out there stuff @ check out the pics on the site of the red and black double bass set and you will see the 28" ride.... its awesome


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wow! :shock: are you sure that thing aint a gong?! :shock: haha. geez that would be sure to cut through everything else on the kit.
how much is that cymbal?



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if i remember correctly, thats a 30" ride. i wouldnt want to use it...i play the bell a lot and i think it would be a little hard to reach on that thing...


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I like to play smaller rides...but my crashes are another story.
Think they'll make a 32" crash for me? I wonder if I would stop ringing before an 80 minute CD was full...


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the drum shop i work at bought a traditional finish 30" ride to suspend from the ceiling...they also bought at 26" and it sounds worse than the 30"!


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ive played that! A Drum in boston has 2 monster rides that someone brought back from the sabian factory in canada. they sound amazing and have the best stick feel ever. I play a 24" myself


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If I remember correctly, that is Weird Al's drummer's ride cymbal, and it's 40"... custom ordered from Sabian.

BTW, i'm new here, been lurking for a while, decided to sign up today. Hope to learn a lot of new stuff here, and maybe contribute anything I happen to know as well :)


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That thing has GOT to sound HUGE!!!!!!

What is the size of that thing?? HOLY SHIT!!! You could use that thing as a shield!!