Bigfoot Beaters/Silverfox Drumsticks


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I am pleased to announce that I and my 'alter-ego', MikeE are now proud endorsees of Bigfoot Beaters.

Last year, Chris and the team made some beaters for DM that would be compatible with 252 pedals and we were knocked out with the quality of the product, service and craftsmanship. So it was without hesitation that I accepted the kind invitation to become part of the Bigfoot family which includes Mark Richardson, Adrian Erlandsson, Craig Blundell, Andy Edwards, Martin 'Magic' Johnson, Doc Spoons, Jason Bowld and many other outstanding players.

It's a great honour to be involved with this exciting and creative company and I look forward to a long and rewarding association with them.

Thanks guys!

[\chuffed] :D


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Deja vu :lol:

Hang on - lets re-live the moment

Which ones are you using? I've been uber tempted for some Animal beaters haha - a few reasons really, 1 i've been tempted to get some of these babies for a while now but the main "fix" was simply because of the wow comedy factor they'd get hahaha


Once again, good stuff Mike! Cant wait for some piccys of your setup with it on 8)


New member, first time after I checked them out that I got to use them in a real, live situation. Blummen fantastic. The balance is spot on, gives great control at all velocities and the power when needed is just breathtaking. Before I gave them a quick work out a while back, I thought, like many they were a bit gimmicky, the test changed my mind and today has confirmed to me what fantastic beaters they are (regardless of appearance!!).

And the hi-hat topper is really dinky too!


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More good news, those thoroughly lovely chaps at Silverfox Drumsticks now have cuddly ole me on board now.

In July, I tried out a pair of SF sticks, and after two months of numerous recording sessions, rehearsals and gigs, the sticks are still going strong. Thanks guys, top/outstanding product, two Ellis thumbs up.