[Bigd11] - Premier Artist Series Maple


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Premier Artist series maple drums (brand new only just got them about 3 weeks ago) Sabian cymbals, premier 6000 series hardware and Tama Strap drive iron cobra double pedal, My babys



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I'm likin' that finish(probably because I have similar on my set 8) ). Please post full specs because your kit is really cool:)


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Mt other cymbal stands have finally came so once i got a pic of the full set up ill post it,

And thank you v.much loop, my specs are..

22x18 bass drum
16x16 floor tom
13x10 rack tom
12x9 rack tom
14x5.5 snare

I dont use the snare that came with tho, its just on there to see what it looked like
I use a Pearl marvin Smith signature anre, the maple snare isnt bad but i love my metal snares to much, been using them all my life