Best sounding drums


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what professional drummer do u think has the best sounding drums?????

I think Mike Portnoy has the best sounding toms i ever heard

I really like Stewart Coplands snare

and i like Chris Adlers bass drums


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Personally I love the sound of John Bonham's Bass drum. I love the way Aaron Comess Snare sounds. Also Alex Van Halen's Toms sound amazing as well as Dave Lombardo's!

Pork Sword

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Tim Alexander's old pork pies from the Pork Soda/Seas of Cheese albums are some of the nicest all around drums I've ever heard.

Danny Carey's drums on all the Tool albums (except Opiate, not really digging them all too much) sound sick.

I personally dig Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine) sound on Evil Empire...I think it's super solid.

and of course Dave Lombardo...just the sickest bastard ever!!!!


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Bass drum sound would have to be Leche from As Blood Runs Black, The Rev from avenged sevenfold, or Chris Adler from Lamb of God.

Tom sound would be David Mackintosh from Dragonforce and Jordan Mancino of As I Lay Dying

Snare sound would be the drummer from the Black Dahlia Murder wutever his name is lol


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I agree with all those.

But i do think that Daniel Svenson's drums sound awesome all around.There perfect for metal.

Mike Portnoys toms and bass sound is near perfection.

And Chris Adlers new bass's and toms sound is exceptianal for metal.His set sounds incredible.

I dont know,theres so many and they all have a great sound.Butit seems that alot of metal drummers have awesome bass sounds cause thats a major role in metal today for drummers.


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Alex Gonzalez from the latin band (Mana) hes an amazing drummer and has showman style and very explosive .the album of "cuando los angeles lloran" this dudes toms are just out of this world . check em out guys ;D

*Chris adler snare (mapex black panther) YEAH!!!


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You guys ever hear of DREDGE? His snare sounds good. ABE CUNNINGHAM's from the DEFTONES has a nice kick. Listen to his stuff on a ghood stereo really loud and you'll agree. I think Stefan from CONFESSOR has a very cool and unique kit and drum style. I like the open G2 sound of TOMAS HAAKE from MESHUGGAH's toms.


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Well, I'll go with Chris Alder because his drums sound sick and because I'm partial to Mapex.

And Gustav Elowson from Crimson Moonlight has some good sounding drums too.

I also like the snares from Avenged Sevenfold and 311.

Chad Scott

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Jordison has my favorite snare sound-Carry has my favorite Bass sound..
Beauford has my favorite tom sound..Bonham has my favorite floortom sound...That sound would be my dream kit!


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Danny Carey, Josh Freese I also like the way Bernard Purdie's drums sound on his old recordings (Soul Drums etc...)


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I like Gabe Serbians cymbal selection with The Locust. Probably my favorite overall sounding drummer is Sam Watson from The Apex Theory... I also like the way Nick Barker's drums sound on the last Dimmu CD (Death Cult Armegeddon). If only John Longstreth could get his levels correct in a studio... god damn undermixing...

Johnny Cat

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Danny Carey's kit, Neil Peart's drum sound on "Counterparts" and his snare drum sound on "Presto", Dave Weckl, Buddy Rich, Ringo Starr on the early Beatles' recordings, Gavin Harrison on Porcupine Tree's two albums "In Absentia" and "Deadwing", and I also love Tim Alexander's old drum sound. Hmmmmm. Steve Smith's Sonors sound really good. Charlie Benante's Tamas on Anthrax's "Sound of White Noise". I love his kick sound especially. Vinnie Paul's sound on "Far Beyond Driven" is great. Dave Grohl's kit on Queens of the Stone Age's "Songs For The Deaf". Josh Freese on A Perfect Circle's "Mer De Noms". Heck, might as well mention Tim Alexander's kit on the first track off of that album as well. Snare sounds just awesome with the first few hits of "The Hollow".

ALL of the drummer's on the "Burning For Buddy" CDs have amazing sounding kits.


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my favorite drum sound on an album is Brian "Brain"'s on Primus's Brown Album, how it's all Zeppy sounding. i like that.

i am a huge fan of that sound. of course i really dig bonham's sound as well.

but yeah, if i could ever have that drum sound on an album, i'd die a happy man.

pedro the lion's "control" album has that same sort of sound.

it's just so raw and natural. i love it.


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I honestly think Bobby Jarzombeck from Iced Earth/Demons & Wizards/ Spastic Ink

on the Demons & Wizards album-Touched by the Crimson King the set has so much clarity its almost as if you were there listening to the set. without the background distortion of a studio or feedback from the amps.

honestly that whole cd was mixed to sheer perfection, i mean perfect. everything was smooth.