best snare head combination....


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Sorry, but i don't notice a difference in sound between different snare side heads. Granted I only use actual snare side heads and there arent all that many to choose from Evans haze 300 is pretty standard. but when I get a Remo, I just don't notice the difference in sound. I think a lot of people probly dont.

As for the batter I'v gone through a lot and liked a lot.

Live the Fallam II, Love the regular reverse dot, Love the ST, I'm diging remo's controlled sound heads, and have gotten great results with a regular coated G2. next thing i'm putting on my snare is an evans onyx. we'll see how that sounds.


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Thorsteinn":1tgncfxa said:
I actually tried putting a clear ambassador tom head on the bottom of a 6,5 Pearl Export steel snare with a coated Ambassador top. Got a really dry, weird sound. The best part was though that it didn´t sound too far from Alex Van Halens´ snare sound.

Any comments on that particular sound? :)
well, you're not going to get much snare response at lower volumes, using a thicker head for the snare side.


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True that, I had to whack the drum to get any kind of snare sound from it.

It was a fun experiment, but I soon replaced it with a proper snare head.

Still like van Halens´ sound though :)


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Tried posting last night, guess it didn't take, hmm.
I use right now Evans Genera HD dry over an Attack medium on my vented 12x5. Super dry crack, due in part to the head being vented also.
On my 13x5 I have an Evans EC reverse dot over Evans 300 hazy. Also pretty dry but retains some desirable overtones.


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I love to use a studio-x over an ambass./hazy 300(which ain't that hazy). I really recommend it over the hd dry /genera dry because it doesn't have a muffle lying on the edge of the drum, which I find keeps some of the need high overtones that a ps3/dry head takes to much of a makes the snare boxy sounding.