best drum throne

i've gotta say, while i've been using pork pie thrones for years and love them (i've got two right now) gus, the guy in charge of their throne department, is a dick.

i e-mailed them a month or two ago because i needed a new rubber foot for one of my stools. he e-mailed me back and told me that the only way to replace this $5 part would be to drop $90 on a brand new base.

i e-mailed him back and said i thought that that was kind of a bad business move and not a very good way to treat customers. i also told him because of that, i'd seriously think twice about buying anything else from pork pie.

his response was somewhere along the lines of "whatever, dude"


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The throne is absolutely your most important piece of gear. If you are gonna spend your $$$ on something, I recommend getting a very sturdy throne such as a Roc-n-Soc. They have the throne you want.

Make sure your seat is not loose (I would say "stool" but that sounds kinda gross) and the rubber feet are intact. I would recommend against such things as the hydraulic base- those cylinders eventually blow out and you'll be sitting at the lowest possible position; precisely why I sit so low today!! :)

So, a Roc-n-Soc w/ a Piano-style base. Gibraltar also makes a great throne. Just don't scrimp on this part of your kit! Your back will thank you years later.


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I'd go Gibralter all the way man. I got a new Gibralter throne for myself for christmas last year, and my butt and back thank me very much. Before that it was sitting on a folded chair, milk crate, desk chair, my little cousin...whatever I could find.


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I have a shitty throne right now, and I try and play on a different sets frequently, and I found that if you don't have the right throne that fits you then you can't play as well or have as much creativity as you would if you had a better throne. I'm looking into getting a new throne because my throne is horrible for my big white ass, haha.


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Ive got a pearl roadster, their are a few different foadster models and im not sure which kind i have but when i need a new throne, im getting a roadster, EXTREMLY strurdy, i like the hieght adjustment method, it lets you get any different hieght and still the seat spins. mine has a tear in it so i may need a new one soon, but its had a tear for at least 9-12 months and its still holding up fine.


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I've got a Pearl Roadster as well, I love mine. Don't waste your time on anything that doesn't have a screw-down post, they will slip n' slide worse than a fat kid at a waterpark.


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I use a Roc-n-Soc nitro. Best and most comfortable throne that I have used. Solid base, no wobble, fat bicycle style throne...what else can you want. I can't say that i have had a cylinder bust though. I play upright and don't bounce alot when I play so that may be a why. That's my pick. Later.


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The only thing I have to add is that I regret having a "bycicle style" throne
I do a lot of shifting around and it is a pain in the ass (huh huh huh)
I'd much rather have a round seat
Fortunately/unfortunately, my throne seems to be holding up very well and I'm such a cheap bastard that I won't buy a new one until this one breaks
i know this isnt recomending a drum throne but can someone recomend me a throne? i saw this one in a shop it was leather but soft to sit on and the sides were really wide (i wasnt touching either side of the seat but at the front it really let my legs hang free. i think maybe akira jimbo uses one but i cant be sure it was such a good seat i just cant remember the name if someone showed me it i would know it though.


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I use a Roc-n-soc Nitro also, w/ backrest (sometimes)
also haven't had any trouble yet, but I'm not a 'bouncer,' I sit pretty still.

Curious if anyone's tried the Pierce Throne (yikes, that might be the worst brand name for something you sit on yet)?

I saw them at NAMM but didn't have time to sit on it.
Anyone familiar with them? This one time, talking out of your butt is actually encouraged-


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BillRayDrums":2fiwz6yz said:
So, a Roc-n-Soc w/ a Piano-style base. Gibraltar also makes a great throne. Just don't scrimp on this part of your kit! Your back will thank you years later.
i use a gibralter throne, the one that kinda conforms to your butt. everytime i sit on a cheap, flat, hard, wheel shaped throne my back starts hurting within 2 minutes of playing.

im very happy with my throne. ive had it for about 6 years but i have been loooking into pork pies


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I use the Pearl Roadster throne with the Motorcycle-shaped seat, and love it. But, if you're really serious about an unbelievably great throne, check out the SoundSeat.

The owner/proprieter is J.R. Baker. Tell him that Kevin from Drumzilla's Lair sent you over.