Best bit of gear you ever got rid of?


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What's the best piece of drum/percussion gear you ever sold/traded away?

...and, perhaps just as important: do you regret getting rid of it?

Mine: an old 16" Istanbul K crash. I kinda-sorta regretted it, until I found a second-hand Paiste "Traditional" 16" crash a few years ago.

Anyone else?


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I regret getting rid of my old pearl double bass drum pedal, I bought a dw5000 and have had nothing but problems, broken chains,snapped footboards,cracked heel plate. I know I know play lighter.....


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Paiste mega cup chime 13" at that time I couldn't imagine how to incorporate it into my playing... now I could ;]

Brazilian Drummer

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my cymbals... =[
back whem I was living in the US I had stop playing drumset and sold most of my cymbals, 17 and 18 k custom dark crashes, 10 12 a custom splashes 18 oriental china trash, and 21 paiste sig ride. except for th ride wish I didnt like very much. its was nice, but not realy for me. I REALY REALY regret selign all my plates, cause right after I got bakc to brazil I started drumming again....

I got a nice set of sabian crashes now that I realy like but I miss my splashes =[


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I don't really regret selling it, but it's the only piece of drum equipment I've gotten rid of that was still playable. A 21" Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride. Sold it to a buddy of mine who played in a metal band for $200. He's still using it!


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A Premier soundwave 7pc concert tom kit, It recorded like a dream, sizes from 6" to 18" toms, had the same bark as Phil Collins gretsch.

The Drummist

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Rogers 20x14, 12x8, 14x14 w/ matching snare in silver sparkle i was young and foolish, the radio king snare that i swapped to get the kit in the first place.


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I pretty much still have everything I've ever got. Even broken cymbals. I do have a regret story, though. My first kit (which I still have) is a '62 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle. I bought it as a young teen. Playing Metal tunes was the cool thing in the early 80's, ya know, so I took off all the hardware and spray painted the entire kit with black enamel (except for the piccolo snare). Catch your breath. A great drumming buddy of mine, Dave DeAlcala (RIP) pointed out the drums may be of value (duh!). I contacted a musical instrument refinisher, and successfully removed the paint, and restored them to their wonderful, and proper finish. Whew! Lesson learned!


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i miss the drum heads i sold off with a cheapy kit to a mate now im back to playing a crappy kit for the next month or two till i buy my mapex. and the crappy kit im playing on could do with those remos now :( lol oh well. new kit in under 2 months wooohooo.


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My ROTO TOMS!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

ROTFLMFAO - OK, so I'm just kidding.

~ A pair of original Paiste Rude 14" Hi Hats ~

Actually, it was not my choice - they were stolen out of our jam room. I think it was a friend of my asshole guitarist that did it. No one would fess up, but the band was pretty certain it was him or his buddy…….so we gave him the effing boot! But I never got them back.

They were amazing, and actually I still have a 21" crash/ride that I bought at the same time. I use a Custom A now, but the rude still sounds great and will probably last forever.

PUNK ASS! :evil: