Berklee Audition on Drumset


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Im applying to Berklee for a double major in Music Ed and Performance on Drumset.

I actually just recieved an email with my audition date and interview date.

I was wondering if there were any drummers/percussionists out there currently in Berklee or just anyone in general that could help me out with some just a bit mindboggled by this.

..and for the drummers that got in or tried out, what is the audition like and what song did you play...

thanks a lot

(its funny...just a couple of weeks ago i was applying to colleges for a Pharmacy its Berklee..who woulda thought?)


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congrats man. i have a cousin that went to berklee for drumming. I wish i could give you some advice but i dont know to much about the audition. good luck tho.


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I have some advice that might help you. Now, it's been a long time since I auditioned for anything musically (usually just get yanked in) but this could help. About a year ago I went before what the Army calls a Promotion Board. For this board, I had to prepare my class A (dress) uniform to near perfection, study and prepare to answer questions in all of about 15 subject areas, and write a biography that I would present aloud. At this board, a panel of 5 reviewing members sit; a Command Sgt Major and 4 First Seargents (E-9 and 4 E-8s). I would attempt to nearly kick the door down with 3 strong knocks and the CSM what hollar "enter." I walked in the door measured out approximately 3 30" steps from the desk and lifted a strong and stiff salute and said "Specialist Haines reporting to the President of the Board." He returned the salute, allowing me to drop my arm, after about 4 minutes of examining my uniform to great detail. Some other things took place, then I was seated infront of 5 stuborn as members of the promotion board. The drilled me with questions from Army Regulations to Field Manuals to Technical Manuals to Operator's Manuals. I had not only had to have the right answers, but had to say the answer in such a way that they had no doubt in my mind that I knew exactly what I was talking about. My point is this: prep the best you possibly can. Go to your nearest hometown sheet music shop and pick out some crazy music to sight read. Go through the sight reading process (like a minute to review the piece and play). Prepare music that will display your ability to be fluid around the kit while displaying your technical ability. If it's required that you play something that written on paper, then, ok.... you've got some looking and listening to do. Commit everything to near muscle memory and BE FLEXIBLE!!! Don't be nervous.... 9 times out of ten the worst player will get in if he shows the best ability to humble himself and show that he can not only be taught, but he can learn, too!! That's who they'll want at their school.
Hey, absolute besty of luck to you! It's a great opportunity to attend Berklee.


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Dont play things youre practicing. Put your best foot forward so to speak and play things youre solid with. If you keep it simple and articulate youll come off better as a musician and not some punk who thinks he a baller at the drums.