Benard Purdie Shuffle


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I keep watching the video on drummer world of benard purdie doing his shuffle and im having trouble with it. I keep trying to do it but i cant do the ghost notes with the triplets on the hi-hat. CAn anyone help me please?


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the good old purdie shuffle. if you wanna start from the very beginning of this we gotta completely break it down. the whole feel comes from the triplet pattern between your hands. if you take the back beats out (beats 2 and 4) you're left with just a straight triplet between both your hands using the hi hat and the ghost notes. the sticking for this is going to be RLR RLR RLR RLR. so just get really comfortable with that trying to get a nice balanced sound between the hats and snare. once you have that smoothed out then you can start throwing the back beats in. start out by only accenting beat 2. Now notice that the second note in every group of triplets is your left hand. and now throwing beat 2 in your gonna have a double left and the first hit is going to be beat 2 with the hi hat and then you have to get your stick back down to get the middle note of the triplet as a ghost. this is the part that takes the control. once you get that down, hitting the back beat on the second beat and controling your ghost tokeep the triplets going through the whole bar then you can try to throw in beat 4 to finish off the bar. the concept will be the same as it was with the second beat where the snare is accented on the down beat and then you have to get that ghost in right away. i'd recommend leaving the feet out completely until your mosre comfortable. then you can work your right foot in and eventually throw in some hi hat work with your left foot. i know this was a pretty long explination and hopefully you can understand my rambling. if you have any further questions or just need more help, dont hesitate to message me. i'll help ya out as much as i can.


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What do you mean? What don't you understand? If you are right at the basic level of performing something like this, a good way to practice it is to concentrate on the hi hat and snare. Play a triplet between them, 2 strokes on the hat and one grace note on the snare. Keep doing that until it feels comfortable. Don't even worry about backbeats until this feels good. Then add the kick. Basically strip it down as much as you can and become familiar with it bit by bit.