Beginner drums and sound proofing


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So i play guitar. i have happily for 2 years. just bought myself a fender strat worth £580. me and my drummer friend were jamming and he asks me if i think it would be a good idea if we taught each other our instruments. so he teaches me the simplest of drum beats and i get hooked. i lend him my old guitar after teaching him some basics.
now i want a drum kit, i want one for christmass. i've just looked on thomann and theres an acoustic kit for £153. i would just be using this to get the basics, so i'm not bothered if it sucks nads. i was tinking of getting this and some sound proofing for crimbo.
my question is, will the sound proofing completely block out the noise for my parents. where the kit would go would be directly over the tv pretty much.
also, is it a good idea to get the kit, or like, a snare, bass and hi-hat which are a better quality, then add bits on?


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There are many things you can do to sound deaden but proper sound proofing will cost you a few thousand USD. One of the best things you can do is talk to your parents and set up practice and quiet times.

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our band pooled some resources and got my spare basement room drywalled and carpeted from floor to ceiling, but we knew guys who could get us stuff for cheap.

a carpet underneath will collect some sound, and to avoid spending a lot of money you should also try setting it up in the corner of a room with maybe 5x5 cuts of carpeting or foam rubber attached to the intersecting walls. if you can't get carpeting, what i used to do is hang sleeping bags on the two walls.

in my dorm i have my kit set up right near the outside wall with a carpet underneath and my neighbors say that they can barely hear it.


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Get some mutes that go on your heads, I did and it was a very good investment. They're foam rubber and deaden the noise alot. Then when everyone's out of the house you can take them off and rock out.