Bearing edge


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whilst putting a new head on my 13" tom i noticed on the bearing edge that there was a little hole about 3mm accross, i have had the drums since christmass but withouth the O-ring on the head the tom always sounded flappy, which i thought was due to the garage and it's piss poor acoustics, should i take it back and aske the guys at my local shop look at it? also i have run my fingers around it and it feels rough not smooth


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yes take it back you should check all your edges If they won't do anything about it the next option is taking it to a local drum builder and having them fix it but that will cost you some money.


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Definitely take it back. You don't want to have any rough or sharp edges rubbing against the drum head. All that will do is ruin head and mess up your sound as you have noticed. If the drum shop will not make good on fixing the problem then contact the drum company. If they stand by their drums then they will replace it. Good luck!