Batter head for a reso head?

Was thinking about spraypainting a thin coat of gloss black over my old Super Kick II head, cutting a mic hole in it and using it for a front head on my bass drum, since my current one is banged up and trashed.

Any thoughts on this?


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Might easily start flaking off and making a mess, or looking ugly. Paint an old tom head and install it on a tom to see how it's affected before you go messing with a bass drum head.

Believe it or not, used Bass drum heads fetch some decent coin on Ebay. I sold a used Emad for $26 shipped. I'd rather do that and put the money towards a new reso head.
Hmm well, I've got nothing to lose painting my old Super Kick head. It's got a rip in it and it's conveniently at a spot in the head (caught a beater stem in it) where the porthole will go, so it will get cut out completely. Other than that, the head is useless. So figured I'd give it a shot and see how it looks.