Bass player looking for drumset for recording advice


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Hi Drum brothers...

I'm a bass player, and I've got a recording room set up. I'd like to buy a drumset for drummers to come by and record with, and I'm completely lost when it comes to drums.

I'd like advice on what I should be looking at for a good set of drums for recording. So, where is the sweet spot in terms of price, are drum sets geared either towards recording OR live use? What should I be looking for?

My focus is reggae, but I'll be recording other types of music - just nothing too heavy.

I like nice, tight sounding drums and record fairly dry as I don't have a large room (though it's well treated).

I realize that it's a pretty open ended question, but I'm just seeking some basic advice, such as if a smaller kick drum would be better than large for recording, if birch is better than other woods for recording, etc.

I'm considering a Mapex saturn Manhattan like this: ... yburst.htm

or a Meridian like this: ... _Burst.htm

Is there really much difference (for recording) drums at these 2 price levels? I realize that skins probably have a lot to do with what I hear. Of course mic placement/etc, but I have that covered.

I can't really try out a bunch of kits, so I'm going to be buying blind. Any help would be appreciated!