Bass or Hats?

Bass Pedal or Hats?

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Would you say bass pedal or hi hats were more important? Need to replace both eventually, but dont for both.


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theres been dummers in the past who played without high hats. i think keith moon even had a set up that consisted of like 3 crashes with no ride or hats. but without any kick drum your gonna have a hard time playing. unless you use the floor tom as a kick and play it with a stick or something.


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Hi-Hats are very important but without The bass Drum, your gonna have quite a hard time.
And yeah, Keith Moon did use multiple kits without hihats, and he still kicked ass :p haha


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I can even go off on another tangent
Would you rather use a crappy bass drum pedal or a crappy hi hat?
I don't need a lot of responsiveness from a hi hat like I do with a bass drum
I'm sure most will agree

Keith Moon vascilated between hi-hat/no hat
It seems like he got rid of it around the Tommy days and brought it back for Who Are You
The video shows him playing it closed on his right side like an X hat


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yea. one of his kits had 3- 14in toms all the same depth that were tuned diff, 2 bass drums, a snare, and 3 crashes. no ride and no hats. id rather have a good bass pedal than a good hi hat stand. ya can always work the hats to make them more versatile, but the bass you need a decent pedal to do your thing. in most cases atleast.


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Ok cheers. I've got them both, its just they're both crap and need replacing, but I think i'll go for bass pedal first then. Thanks:)


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you have to have a bass drum it just keeps your rythm consistent, you can easily play without high hats, there are many songs where i use my ride and crash, and toms only. hats are nice but not necessarily a necessity but it really depends on what music you play. but you definetly need a bass


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Depends, doesn't it? In a bass-heavy environment like a pop or rock gig, the kick is going to be indispensible. In a more scaled-down intimate setting like a quiet little jazz lounge, you can take care of business with nothing but a snare. In a case like that, the first thing I'd add to my snare would be a set of hats.

Given the choice between a high-quality kick pedal vs. a high-quality hat stand; that's another issue. The kick pedal clearly wins. The flexibility and nuance needed from a kick pedal surpasses that of a hat stand.

break the prism

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i think it depends on what you're playing really. one time the drama dept was using the school set, but combo was rehearsing, so i went in and grabbed the ride, snare, and hats.
for most other genres you've got to have a bass drum though.


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Certainly you would want to replace your bass petal first. You can probaly ride on the cymbal ala Keith Moon in the 70s for a while ;-)