Bass micing with a pillow?


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I have a pillow in my drum, and I have it touching the batter and the reso head, And I want to know, would I get the same sound I hearing fron the batter head on a mic, or would triggers work better??? and one more thing, when triggering, do you plug them into a brain, and the into an amp??? if so, wich input/output holes do I use?


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having the pillow touching both heads will help reduce over tones on both heads but also help a little with the attack on the batter. if you get a mic right up inside your drum facing the batter from about 3 inches away you'll get a nice punchy sound.

for triggers you would want to use a brain and then program (or use a pre set) for the sound you want.


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I've recorded triggers both by using midi and also by just recording the triggers themselves.


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Jum-Bo-Lya":15nvc81s said:
or would triggers work better???
Use both. Putting a mic in gives you a nice depth of sound, and use this in conjunction with a triggered sound to give you a really good solid kick sound.


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I have a comment to make regarding the talk of bass drum triggers... they are very rarely used if ever anymore on professional recording sessions... at the time of tracking. First step is to get the bass drum sounding killer on it's own. I always use some kind of 'padding/pillow' to diminish the overtones and to control the sound. I used to position the mic closer to the beater side of the head, as mentioned above 3"... but I have found that the sound does not quite develope that close to the head and I started moving it out to about 10" to 14" out. I found I got a fuller sound this want. As for triggers... I would recommend using a sound replacer program such as "Drumagog" to add to or enhance your recorded natural kick drum sound. If you record the triggered sample, you do not have the option to vary it later. As for live or concert sound, If you get the kick sounding great, you will probably not need much sonic enhancement. I do not see much of it done... if any, by the people I am constantly working with. Anyway, have fun!


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Tune both heads loose and take a washcloth, roll it and duct tape it to your front head. Tune to your liking for a nice punch. You never need any other damping.