Bass Heads

Some one please tell me so good bass drum goin for an alternative rock sound...i want a bass head that will last...and wont empty my wallet...any ideas??? :?


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Evans EMADs are always nice but they're not that cheap. Maybe you want to try Attack no overtone heads(either 1- or 2-ply). They're the best bang for the buck in my opinion
If you're lookin for a nice punchy bass drum sound, I recommend the Aquarian Super Kick II. I swear by it and play it. It will only run ya about 30 bucks. Then another 5 or 6 for the Aquarian slam pad, similar to the Remo slam pad. the pad gives ya a little more punch and attack.
I use an Aquarian Super Kick II with a Danmar metal click plate, but I play metal and I like that punchy sound with some machine gun sounding click. But that's my preference.
Super Kick II and the Aquarian slam pad should work out well. The head has it's own muffle and tone ring on it. I just throw a towel in my kick, sometimes a pillow.
thanks fo all the replys....yea..emad's are good...but they cost alot..i dont have like $45 to spend on 1 gonna try the aquarian super kick II...thanks