bass heads for a birch drum


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when i got my new set in august i got new heads all around for it, and i kept with my trusty emad for the batter head on the bass. i worked for a few days to get the bass to sound good, but its the weakest part of the set right now. its an 18x22 yamaha birch custom absolute nouveau, emad batter, stock yamaha reso with a port off center. when i tune the drum up a little its too high and has more overtones than i would like, but it has good resonance. when i tune it down a little i can hear a "slap" sound from the resonant head that i cant stand, and the resonance is gone. i think the reso is thinner than the one on my tamas was and that may be causing part of the problem, along with the bigger port.

im looking for a pretty deep sound with good resonance...i really dont like a dead kick drum. i also would like to keep the emad since its a brand new head. my first option i guess would be to get a new reso head, but i dont know which one. im looking at either an emad reso or an eq3, either ported or not. which would be my best option out of those? if there are any other options im open. im also thinking that a white reso would look really good with my set.

if all that fails, whats my next step?


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I don't have any experience with the EMAD resonant head, but I do have a lot with the EQ3 and it's a really good head. Another option is the Aquarian Regulator. The floating ring in the center of the head kills a lot of the overtones while keeping a good amount of resonance and boom.


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I agree with SGarrett in regards to the EQ3 reso. Personally, I am not a fan of the EMAD at all as every one I have heard, including the one that came on my Gretsch kick new, completely killed the sound of the kick. Every time I would try a new BD head, I was always left with a feeling that something was missing. Then I would go back to a coated PowerStroke 3, and all my problems were solved.

With the PS3, I generally find that the best way to tune it is to first tighten the wrinkles out, then give each lug a quarter turn and that's it.