Bass Drums


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well your pushing more air that way, so its louder. If your looking for the greatest boom in a bass drum, get like a ludwig symphonic band bass drum like an 18x40 and attach a pedal to it with a really long beater. Huge boom!


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Well it worked for Bonham but I think mostly it was because of the way he tuned it. It all depends on your style. He had a 26" Bass Drum and it worked. But that doesn't say that you can't get a huge sound out of a smaller Bass drum. one of my sets which is a ludwig (like Bonham) has a 20" bass drum and gives a great HUGE sound. So smaller bass drums give a lot of "Boom" as well. It all depends on your taste in drum sizes.


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yeah 24x24 and 22x22 are insane
i like running a 22x20. it has LOADS of punch and a good boom. easy to dampen and adjust. great drum for everything. especialy metal


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i've heard that it takes more work *more leg effort* to get a huge punch or thundering boom..i trigger my kick and mic it up to with a ddrum brain d4 and you wouldn't believe the sound i get out of its ALL how you trick it out..i guess


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Coming from someone who owns a 28"20, it definitely gives you the opportunity for more boom. I say "gives you the opportunity" because if you don't know how to properly tune, it will sound as flat as a pancake.
well i have a regular solid oak pearl bass drum I am confused right now I do believe the measurements to be 24 with and aquarian skin in the front the black one with the pad on it with a remo pin stripe on the back to beat on it has a real deep boom so i think its just the quality of your skin and the way you tune it because my cousin had the same stuff but it don't sound that great I also have a small blanket in there also but i bought the best aquarian they had a guitar center and it sounds real great :twisted:

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You know, I heard a Pacific Birch 22x18 bass drum yesterday... and man was that thing sweet. Just unreal how good it sounded with the stock heads on it.